Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest








The Asian Youth Animation and Comics Contest (AYACC) held in Guiyang, China is by far the best youth animation and comic contest in Asia.  It provides a platform that showcases the achievements of Asian animation and comic industries and the discussion of animation development.  The AYACC event also promotes cultural communication and cooperation of Asian youth and strengthens the influence of Chinese culture throughout Asia and the world.


This event brings together numerous national and international organizations in the spirit of cooperation to host and coordinate the event.  The China Youth Federation, Guiyang Municipal People’s Government and Cartoon Commission of China TV Artists Association will host the event for some of the most influential industries and organizations in Asian, which include the Authoritative media of Japan - TBS, Seoul Animation Center, India Animation Xpress and ACCA in Taiwan.



A series of games and activities using animation and comics will be incorporated into the week’s schedule.  All the following forums and events will include the use of multimedia cartoon and animation techniques; the Opening Ceremony, the Cartoon Works Exhibition, the International Cartoon Masters Forum, The Development of Animation & Comic Forum, The Investment of Animation & Comic Industry Forum & Trade Conference, the National Electronic Competition of Teenage Animation & Comics, the Originality Contest of Animation, and the Comics of Primary and High School Students in Guiyang. 


The AYACC has built bonds of friendship with more than 76 countries.  There will be twelve catalogues of prizes and awards will be selected in the following categories, Grand Awards, Best Works Awards, and Best Screen Play Awards.  This event will be the most important event for the animation and comic industries in Asia because it will encourage international understanding and cooperation using artistic animation and comics as the medium of communication.


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