Growing Up——Panoramic View of AYACC


Preface I

Tang Huirong

Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest (AYACC) which has taken place in Guiyang, Guizhou, China for five years, opens the door Guiyang to the world, raises a sail in the animation industry voyage, composes a song of youth inspirational!
The famous and young talents of animation and comic artists who come from nearly hundreds of different countries and regions with various languages, different colors, and diversity culture background set foot in this inland city of Guiyang. They all fascinate the beautiful scenery of the mountains, experience the colorful ethnic customs and draw the creative inspiration from this magic land. Since then, they have understood Guiyang with beautiful memory and expectations. They are pleased to find that animation and comics are developing in this relatively remote, underdeveloped region!
The organizing committee of AYACC has collected more than sixty thousand submissions and exhibition animation, cartoon, comics, caricatures as well as graphic artworks which focus on Pace and Development from 78 countries and regions around the world . All of these artworks express the theme of harmony and friendship, environment awareness as well as energy saving, he relationship between man and nature. AYACC has laid the solid foundation for the development of Guiyang animation industry. Exchange programs and cooperation projects each ayacc edition has strengthen understanding and friendship between China and foreign countries and pave the way for their further development.
The members of our organizing committee have passion to persist in the animation with globalization and profession in our homeland. We are proud to say that AYACC has gained the reputation and exerted influence in animation and comics communication. It becomes international famous brand in Guizhou province and the whole China. On the occasion of launching Sixth AYACC edition, we publish this special album which records the history of AYACC development. We would like to dedicate to the people to express our gratitude to your participation and involvement. It is our best wish that AYACC tomorrow will be more beautiful with all of your much more support and assistant.


Preface II

Dr. John A. Lent

In June 2007, when Mr. Wang Liuyi and I met in a Beijing teahouse, Asian Animation and Comics Competition (later, Asian Youth Animation and Comics Contest) was just a dream. In less than three months, AYACC was not only a reality, but a reality of unbelievable proportions, brought about by the superhuman efforts of Madam Tanghuirong.Mr. Wang and their staff and generous government, party, and business sponsors.
Since then, there has been no looking back with new features added yearly. As a result, AYACC has found an elevated place in the world of comics and animation festivals, with its numerous, well-organized exhibitions and screenings and fascinating forums, that have brought world-renowned cartoonists and animators from every continent to Guiyang; its shelf-full of books published on topics such as water, caricature, the Sichuan earthquake, etc.; an annual summer camp and workshops, where top cartoonists and young aspiring artists intermingle; its launching of an AYACC magazine and Website; its innovative science animation programs, and its high-profile competition which recognizes the talent of young comic artists globally. One must add to this, the establishment of the Asian Pacific Animation and Comics Association (APACA) with members from about 20 countries and regions, and the APACA Center, which, when finished, will rank among the world’s most inclusive comic art facilities, with archives, a museum, library, auditorium, screening rooms, studios, a 5-star hotel, and other amenities.
Growth-Five Years of Panoramic AYACC does an excellent job of recording this amazing story, through text, photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, artworks, and posters. The book stands as a tribute to a dream fulfilled and to the dream makers who made it happen. Congratulations to AYACC on this, its fifth anniversary, and may it continue to prosper. Salute!