Stair Steps——5-Year's AYACC Best Selected Works


Preface to Stairs— Best Works Selected for the Fifth Anniversary of AYACC for Cartoon Collection of 5-Year's AYACC

Yang Qingwu

An image of darkness and brightness—groping and climbing—caught my mental sight: “…With the heavy sound of the rusty ancient hinges, we were locked into a world full of fresh and strange experiences.

This was the audible silence that I had first encountered in my life. When we completed climbing the first flight of stairs, a new page—tangible darkness that could be grabbed in hand— was added to my limited knowledge about nature.

The light of a burning match showed us where the way up would extend. We reached the floor one storey up, then another, and then always more to come... Suddenly, adequate light engulfed us and wide open sky appeared before us. It was the end of the top floor but the beginning of the stairs. Above was the sky and below was the city, a tiny little toy-like city...” This is the description of stairs by a romantic philosopher at the beginning of the last century.
It is quite appropr iate to apply the above description to the initiation and development of AYACC and its achievement
—Best Works Selected for the Fifth Anniversary of AYACC. My thorough reading of it indicates t hat it s eems to have brought light to the ideal and great future of animation and comic.
Indeed, animation and comic are behaviors of men of wisdom. Some say do not get involved in animation and comic if you
do not have enough wisdom; do not attempt to have a real understanding of them if you are not clever enough.
Guizhou is wise as she has chosen animation and comic; or we can say the latter has chosen the former.
When Guizhou chose animation and comic, she encountered resistance. Personally, I know that an influential person in
the Chinese animation and comic community came to Guizhou and expressed such a view on a public occasion that as a poor and ethnic province, Guizhou should not have chosen animation and comic industry since not all people or all places can afford to play with it.
He was right when he was worried, but he was wrong when he was negative. The nature of animation and comic is wisdom,
creation and content. Advanced, fashionable and frontier culture forms are not necessarily comtrolled by economic environment. CDI may not be restrained by GDP. As wisdom is not owned only by the rich, amazing and wonderful animation and comic creation or content is not produced only in capital-intensive area.
S ome f acts a nd f igures w ould s uffice: F ive AYACCs have been held since 2007, collecting 43,270 pieces of
animation, comic and illustration works from 69 countries and regions; Celebrities are power of influence and resources. Some famous artists fly to Guiyang annually like migratory birds, including Jerry Robinson, famous American animation master and the creator of Batman, Mikhail Zlatkovsky, Russian comic master, Garry Bardine, famous contemporary animation director, Fang Cheng, Xu Pengfei, Wu Guanying and Zheng Xinyao, famous cartoonists form China, ×× from Taiwan Animation Studio, Mark Walsh from Pixar of the United States, Ram Mohan, father of Indian animation, Massoud Shojaei Tabatabaei and Gholam Reza Azim, animation masters from Iran, and Márcio Leite, great animator and a household word in South America. It is they who have turned ecological Guiyang into a forest of animation and comics .A nother aim and function that the AYACC organizing committee has expected to achieve is to discover and train young talents and to provide a platform and opportunity for them to showcase their talents. For the past five years, a group after a group of young artists from China and foreign land has demonstrated their talents here and their works have been recognized by the society through the recommendation and publicity of AYACC and have attracted capital investment, which has made their dream come true which is industrialization of their creations. AYACC works have been introduced by professional animation and comic websites and news media in 36 countries and regions. The prizewinning works in the AYACC have been selected by the organizing committee for exhibitions held in USA, Russia, Brazil, Iran, India, the Philippines, Korea, Spain and Japan. It has played a role with an inestimable influence in pushing animation and comics in China as well as Guizhou to the world and in facilitating animation and comic exchange and communication between China and foreign countries.
As AYACC has been insistent in internationality and professionalism by increasing annually its collection of wonderful
animations, comics and illustrations from Asian- Pacific countries and regions, its collection is a great immeasurable cultural fortune particularly at a time when new media are developing quickly—when electronic reading and fragmented reading are changing our life rapidly. Catching the opportunity for the industry development, the organizing committee will further achieve the multi-functions of AYACC in digitalized AYACC content storage, examination, copyrights and product sale by cultivating quality content, by building up an international animation and comic copyright deal platform and by providing intelligent terminalbased content sources of new media industry chain like telecommunication network, internet, radio and television broadcasting network and digitalized publication as well as image enfranchisement in game and derivatives. This is a road for original animation and comic development that cannot be restricted by time and space and that cannot be blocked by any obstacles. It is perhaps an ecological road of animation and comic that Guizhou can take and the road of development for creative future.
The aim of AYACC also lies in achievement transfer, in social memory, in the popularity depth of its business format,
in the demonstration of its market utility, and in its lasting sustainability. In addition to the digitalized platform for animation and comics it has been building up, the organizing committee has published incessantly fine books and video products that contain AYACC contestant works like Milestone, Cutting Edge: A Collection of Best Animation and Comic Works in China and Overseas, Noah of Humor, a collection of comics on important subject matter that attracted wide social attention, Water—Origin of Life, a Special Edition of the Works of International Animation and Comics Masters, and Stairs— Best Works Selected for the Fifth Anniversary of AYACC, a contribution for the opening of the fifth AYACC. All these events have taken place in remote Guizhou, which is a unique case in the history of world animation and comics, an incredible Guizhou phenomenon that deserves our affirmation and even description Yes, it is in Guizhou that, on the road to the world of human mind, many light-holding messengers have dedicated their hearts and minds in their groping and climbing. They are trying to prove to the world that good and far-reaching animation and comic contests and works with strong resonance do not belong merely to USA, Japan and Korea or Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, as they can also belong to emerging Guizhou which is far from hustle and bustle, and can be initiated, operated and proliferated by Guizhou.

 Preface for Cartoon Collection of 5-Year's AYACC

Dr. John A. Lent

This is the fifth Asian Youth Animation and Comics Competition. And, to celebrate the occasion, this catalogue has been compiled by Wang Liuyi and his staff, including a selection of the best cartoons
from five competitions. To give an idea of the immensity of the selection process involved in assembling this book, juries in the first three competitions alone had to weed out the best works from among 14,896 pieces of comic art (2,681 animated and 11,735 print). Over a threeyear period, the total number of submitted works jumped from 2,976 representing 38 countries in 2007 to 8,120 from 45 countries in 2009.
Most of the competitors were students and young professional and amateur artists.
The juries that judged the cartoons and animations are not only distinguished artists, but also pioneers in the field. To name a few, they included Ram Mohan (India), Dwi Koendoro (Indonesia), Hassan Muthalib (Malaysia), Deng You-li (Taiwan), Ma Kexuan (China), Qu Jianfang (China), and Chang Guangxi (China), all early animators in Asia. Among other print and film cartoonists who served as judges were Jerry Robinson (U.S.), Kal Kallaugher (U.S.), Xu Pengfei (China), Camillus Pereira (Sri Lanka), Boboy Yonzon III. (Philippines), Johnny Lau (Singapore), Rolf Heimann (Australia), Pran Kumar (India), Sudhir Tailang (India), Patricia Breccia (Argentina), Massoud Shojai Tabatabai (Iran), Raul de la Nuez (Cuba/U.S.), Nani (Adriana Mosquera Soto) (Colombia/Spain), Patrice Ricord (France), Toni Masdiono (Indonesia), Trevor Yaxley (New Zealand), Joong-Hyuk Bang (Korea), and Mikkel Egelund (Denmark).Space does not permit listing the scores of others.
The jurors are the first stage in the production process of this fine book and deserve our thanks. And, as usual, we owe a huge debt of appreciation to Wang Liuyi, his staff.
Please enjoy the aesthetics, technical skills, and stories embedded in these examples of excellent comic art. I hope what you see will put you in a jocular, as well as a ponderous, state of mind.