Russian Animation Art



Russian animation as its literature and art had an indelible effect on China. Since the founding of new China, several generations were reading and learning Russian arts and culture during their childhood. For these years, compared with the full use of market and business operations in the United States, Japan, Korea animation, Russian animation seems to be far away from us, and fade out of our vision. Therefore, we just have warm and wonderful memories about it.

When we met with Russian animation again, we were delighted to find that Russian culture and art were still as brilliant and splendid as before after Russian politics and the economy changed dramatically. Because of Russian animation's adhering to their artistic tradition, when it was completely thrown into the market economy, the artists still stick to their own artistic conscience and creative principle, and created a group of traditional good works. The lyrical, romantic and beautiful styles in Russian art, both in the old artists and in young artists' works, have been brought into full flourish.



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