Winner of “Silk Road” Int' Competition


After a short but memorable opening ceremony hosted by Mr. Liuyi Wang and Madam Liang Shangyan, judging for competition finalists beganat the No.2 Yard of Wan Fenglin on26th of July.

Introduction of Jury:

Liuyi Wang
Secretary-general, Cultural and multimedia International Association
Secretary-general, Asian-Pacific Animation & Comic Association
Vice Director, China Copyrights Association
Editor in Chief, Sunchen Publishing House
Visiting professor of Communication University of China


Zlatkovsky Mikhail M.(Russia)
Mikhail was born in 1944. He has Ph.D. degree in the art research sciences. Now he works as professional artist at the fields of the cartoons, illustrations, posters, animations, mass media design. He is also an extraordinary educator. He’s work published in the foreign press from 1973 to 2011, including “New Yorker”, “The New York Times”, “Guardian” and e.t.c. He had held personal expositions in many countries and won many awards in many international animation contests and festival.He won Knight of the Order of The Legion of Honor, France for his great achievement in art. Also he is an activist of promoting comics. He has been president (15 times) and member (37) of juries in many countries. He is the author of the book “The History of the cartooning in Russia”, published in 2005.
Members of the Jury
Azimi Gholam Reza (Iran)

Art Director of NAS Animation Studio, Mananger and director of NAS international Assiciation.Talent director of animaton feature film of islamic world who is famous for his work ‘wild animal’ and ‘happy family’.His feature film ‘Deheran 2020’ also won amazingly suceess in islamic world .He is expertized in how to develop animation merchandising product into tourist products and handcrafts.

Sekhar Mukherjee(India)

Animation & Comics Teacher, Animator, Cartoonist, Graphic Novelist. He is the dean of animation school of India National Institute of Design. Sekhar is the Secretary-General of the Indian International University Student Animation Festival. The animated film "India's breath" directed by him has won a number of international animation awards. Sekhar has been involved in animation for many years. His works were put on display not only in India, USA, UK, China, South Africa, Spain, France and other countries but also published in many countries.
Vasiliy Alexandrov(Russia)

Was born in St. Petersburg in 1950. Was educated at the Institute of Mechanics and worked as engineer-designer.
Vasiliy is a member of the St. Petersburg Cartoonist's Club since 1983 and a free-lance cartoonist. His work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines.

Nani Adriana Mosquera(Spain)

Colombian cartoonist currently based in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, dedicated Graphic Humor professionally 15 years ago.She is the creator of the cartoon character ‘Magola’, which was published in the newspaper El Tiempo and the weekly El Espectador in Bogota, Colombia. She is also the first Winner of International Graphic Humor and Breastfeeding Euskadi, Spain. She has published 10 books Magola in Colombia, with the Black Sheep Imprint.
Nani works with the international Red Cross on behalf of women’s rights and she also received honor professor of Al Cara international University.


Born in Corozal city, Sucre. Colombia. 1968.
He collaborated with the principal diaries and magazines of Colombia as in the newspaper EL TIEMPO, EL ESPECTADOR, Magazine CROMOS, SEMANAetc.
He won awards of cartoon, illustration and humor graphic in Colombia, Spain, Cuba, the United States, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Iran, Czech Republic, China, Italy and México.

Qiongde Cao (China)

Deputy Chairman of Guizhou Artists Association, Chairman of Guiyang Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Chairman of Guiyang Artists Association. Various prizes have been awarded to him includes: Golden Prize of 17th National Woodcuts Exhibition, Prize of Luxun Woodcut. His works are collected by many galleries and private people at home and abroad

Huilin Zhang(China)

Dean of animation and digital art school of Communication University of China,Nanjing, Deputy Secretary-general of Jiangsu animation association. Huilin Zhang has been engaged in the Research and teaching in the animation for many years. "Twentieth Century China animation art history" is the book she wrote about the research of China animation. She translated "Asia Pacific animation" into Chinese. And she wrote and translated many articles about the foreign experts reported papers and articles about China animation. In her teaching and research, Huilin Zhang is open-minded, liberal style. She adhere to the road of internationalization China animation. Huilin Zhang has participated in the animation activities and competition at home and abroad many times.



A discussion which spanned over more than 12 hours,under the leadership of MikhealZlatkovskiithe cartoonist from Russia, all the judges eventually agreed with the final results of competition finalists

as below:

Winner of Grand prize :

Popov Andrei  from Russia

·winner of gold medals :

Walex ocean from Bulgaria

Galym Boranbayev from Kazakhstan

·winner of silver medals:

 Fakhredin Dost Mohamad from Iran

Zuleta from Columbia 

·winner of bronze medals:

Hou Xiaoqiang from China

 Children Paulo Volmar Mattos Vilanova from Brazil

·Winner of special prizes:

Cai Weidong ,China

Leonel Carvalho,Brail

V.Kazanevsky , Ukraine

Pavel Constantin, Romania

Saeed Banazadeh ,Iran

Masoud Mahini,Iran

Trayko Popov, Bulgaria

Oleg Gutsol,Ukraine

Kobilov BekzotUzbekistan