Confucius Exhibition on the 2015 Guizhou Book Fair


Curator Liuyi Wang

This exhibition is co-organized byGuiyang Confucius Academy and International Cultural and multimedia Association from August 18- August 25. 2015 in Guiyang China.

UNESCO listed Confucius as one of the world’s most influential figures. Confucius is recognized as one of the most well known representatives of Chinese culture in the world. It is unprecedented and highly significant that an international culture event has been organized to collect caricatures created by renowned international artists from so many different countries and regions in a presentation of images of Confucius. Cartoons are an art form that appeals to and is appreciated by everyone in the world.  We can get to know the impressions of Confucius and China in the minds of international artists through their wonderful caricatures.

The accumulation of this exhibition not only enhances the spread Chinese culture in the world but brings about greater understanding and appreciation of a great figure in Chinese history. 

Caricaturists and cartoonists in foreign countries usually create images of historical figures, politicians, film, music, TV and sport stars in exaggerated, abstract and surreal art styles. Each of the caricature on Confucius in this exhibition expresses the diversified and rich meanings of Confucius and Confucianism from different aspects, perspectives and understandings. We would like to integrate each of the artworks into a whole theme so everyone may discover how the world understands the meaning of Confucius.

We are deeply attracted by these artworks. It is expected that our audiences would love and appreciate seeing these fascinating artworks.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Guiyang Confucius Academy. It is impossible for us to hold this event successfully without your foresight and support.