Arts and Cultures in the Belt and Road Initiatives (7)


  Since time immemorial, the Silk Road has been a channel of immense importance. It facilitated in connecting China with the whole world with providing routes for exchanges of trade, culture and commerce. Tea, porcelain and culture from China were exported to the middle and southern parts of Asia, then through Italy to Europe, at last onto American soil. Western spices, corn and potatoes along with various kinds of precious stones made their way back to China a1ong this route, which changed the lifestyle and food habits of the inhabitants. Buddhism was also of acute importances it trav1eled by virtue of the Silk Road to become an integral part of the cultura1 and spiritual life of the Chinese people. Now, the Silk Road has been focused and revived into the path it once was connecting China with the world.

In order to show the colorful and variety of artworks and handcrafts on the route of Silk Road, we have special showcase on our website to exhibit these wonderful items. We believe all of us would appreciate these unique artworks. We also want to express our gratitude to the artists from many countries. Without your great contribution and support, it is impossible for us to share these valuable artworks to the peoples who love and cherish them.