Highlight of 2018 Libo International Children Animation & Festival (ICACF)


2018 Libo International Children Animation & Comics Festival (ICACF) took place in Libo from July 20 to July 23 in Libo, Guizhou, China.

The theme of this edition is Children & Nature. In the main exhibition of the event in Libo, the best selection of finalist entries, the excellent artworks created by children from China and foreign countries as well as the posters of Russian Animation are being exhibited and screened in the three sections with colorful banners and decorations.

After Opening Ceremonythe artists from more than twenty countries act as mentors to teach the children to paint. The climax of this program is all the artists are creating panels on beautiful Libo with children. We are informed that this panel which consisted of several pieces would be kept in Libo International Cartoon Museum.

The milestone of the third edition of ICACF is that several huge cartoon murals appear on the walls of village houses which form the unique and beautiful visual art effects. In addition, the best selection of cartoon artworks of ICACF is being exhibited in Hongjing village. It may be the first time that international cartoon exhibition is shown in the countryside of China. It provides very good opportunity for the children and farmers of rural area to appreciate original international artworks. The artists from home and abroad are admiring the beautiful nature scene and moved by the innocent and friendly feelings of children and villagers. They created vivid and interesting cartoon artworks on the white walls of village houses. These wonderful artworks became the artistic symbols of Hongjing Village!