"I U I Youth"Anti-Coronavirus International Cartoon Competition Call for Entries


The world has been stormed and disrupted by the contagious Novel Coronavirus for several months. People’s daily lives at all levels are facing unprecedented challenges in regards to work, entertainment, education, and more. Different kinds of isolation are exerting significant influences on both the global landscape and people’s spiritual lives. It is in this context that the I U I Youth Cup “Longing for Spring” Anti-Coronavirus International Cartoon Competition (UYACC), jointly hosted by the Culture & Multimedia International Association and Qingjin Technology, is launching in Beijing on April 27, 2020.

Chinese Poster

The UYACC consists of Adult Group and Youth Group and its jury is made up of eleven renowned professional artists from home and abroad. It calls for entries around the world under the theme of “Longing for Spring”, hoping people can convey their love and kindness to the world with their works.

Qingjin Technology, the host of this event, has committed itself to providing more advanced education resources and opportunities for teenagers by taking full advantage of the Internet and high technology. It makes great efforts to transcend the limits of education raised by geographical locations, education backgrounds and other constraints. On one hand, this competition aims to encourage participants to think beyond themselves and show support and solidarity amid the impact of COVID-19 with their excellent works. On the other hand, it offers all the participants a unique opportunity to appreciate artworks with diverse styles and cultures from different countries, which shall be precious chances to broaden their view and learn from each other.

Russian Poster

Artists from both China and international community have done everything in their power to support this preparation. Up to now, artists from 42 countries and regions, such as China, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and more have actively responded to this event by creating special event posters or sending their artworks. This event promises to enjoy great popularity among young generations and artists around the world.

German Poster

The fog will soon lift and the warm Spring will come. Let’s do something for all the people suffering from the pandemic! Let’s hope for the best!

China Hujiang

Romania Constantin Pavel

Italy Nicola_Bcuui

Spain Miguel Villalba

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