"In Memory of Golden Years -- One Century Glory of Chinese Animation School "Forum & Exhibition


On November 19, 2021,"In Memory of Golden Years -- One Century Glory of Chinese Animation School "Forum & Exhibition was opened in Guiyang Confucius Academy. The 200 pieces / sets of original archives and documents of classic Chinese animation, which were exposed for the first time at home and abroad, bring the audience glourous memories of classic chinese animation.

The exhibition is hosted by Guiyang Confucius Academy, funded by Guizhou Confucius Academy Development Foundation and organized by Guizhou Economic and Cultural Promotion Association. The exhibits contain sketches, creative manuscripts, stage books, animation sets, character designs, prop designs, director's notes, movie films, posters, etc. by masters of animation art, covering subjects such as myths and legends, folk tales and ethnic minorities.

Three years of preparation, may the future generations follow the aspirations of their predecessors and pass on the flame. As a curator, Wang Liuyi, a famous cultural scholar and secretary-general of the International Association of Multimedia Culture, was deeply touched to see the collection lit up by the spotlight. He told reporters that these animation works are full of experts and scholars, the people's love for traditional Chinese culture, is a tribute, but also a remembrance, it is through their collection, so that the history of China's animation can be recorded and continued, "I hope the new generation can see the original mission of the masters, create more excellent works, and promote Chinese culture to the world. "

A classic work of art, which attracted the audience to stop and watch, hotly discuss, into the most innocent memories of childhood. "These are all the 'treasure' like memories of my childhood." The audience Lin Ru concentrated on the poster of "Capture the Devil". He said that the animation, in addition to making childhood enjoyable for themselves, also awakened the conscience and conveyed the values of being good and doing good, "these works, which are of great help to the healthy growth of children and youth."

Throughout the golden years, Chinese animation has made brilliant achievements through twists and turns. In the last century, the Chinese animation school, represented by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, has received wide attention and praise from home and abroad for its unique artistic style.

An "Academic Forum" was also held at the exhibition site. Experts and scholars Li Baotuan, Sun Wu, Jin Baisong and Xu Xiaoyin gave lectures on the history of the Chinese animation school, the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign animation, and the stories behind the masters of animation. In the session of panel about animation, Gu Jiuyi, Wang Liuyi, Feng Yuxia, Li Xiangming, Wang Lin and Suo Xiaoxia spoke in turn, talking about the experience of watching the exhibition and discussing how Confucius Academy can make good use of animation as an art form to promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture.

The online forum invited animation experts, scholars and artists from Japan, Russia, the United States and Germany to talk about the influence of the Chinese school of animation in the history of international animation, and the space for future cooperation and development.