In Memory of the Golden Years – “One Century of Glory for the School of Chinese Animation" Forum & Exhibition


In Memory of the Golden Years -- One Century of Glory for the School of Chinese Animation" Forum & Exhibition was recently held in the Guiyang Confucius Academy.

The purpose of this event was to show our respect for the leading artists of the Shanghai Fine Art Film Studio and other famous Chinese artists and cartoonists who made great contributions to Chinese animation and cartoons. 24 black-and-white photos of representative art figures were hung in the exhibition hall, which not only commemorated the contributions of master artists to Chinese animation and cartoon, but also encouraged the next generation of Chinese animators to take them to heart as good examples and inherit the tradition of the Chinese arts.

The original artworks and historical documents such as manuscripts, sketches, character design, posters, story boards as well as comics and palm books etc. exhibited at Guiyang Confucius Academy were collected from private collectors in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Hangzhou and Guiyang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Behind these precious collections, there are many moving stories that people don't know. However, through these collections, we can feel the passion of collectors, ranking experts, scholars, and ordinary people toward Chinese artworks and traditional culture. We can learn a lot from these collections such as sketching and admire the history of an old mimeograph animation script yellowed due to the erosion of years. These precious vivid historical artworks lead us on a travel through time and space. These artworks not only arouse the memory of our childhood, but also become a model for our young generation of artists to take the road of national art innovation.