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2016 First Libo International Children's Animation Festival Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, the summer camp students performed the "Looking for Emerald" animation stage

Emerald Animation Competition nominated exhibition

China Libo International Children's Animation Festival by the Guizhou Provincial People's Government in Beijing Office, Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture, Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Department, your newspaper media culture group co-sponsored; Libo County, Libo County People's Government Contractors; International Multimedia Culture Association and the Asia-Pacific Animation Association; Libo Sports Radio and Television Bureau, Guizhou Libo Tourism Development (Group) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Pan Asia New Century Corporation jointly implemented. This is the first time in China to children as the theme, for the global animation carnival, activities, including animation collection and competition, animation exhibition and screening, animation academic forum, animation workshop and interactive, animation summer camp, COSPLAY and other exciting activities.


Libo International Children's Animation Festival is the first children's theme of the International Animation Festival, this activity to discover, cultivate and create the artistic talent of the next generation for the purpose of the animation festival organized by a series of activities to create an artistic atmosphere , Open children's horizons, let the children in China's most beautiful with the "Earth belt on the emerald," said Libo spent a good time.


China Libo International Children's Animation Festival is mainly composed of activities such as Emerald Competition, Exhibition and Exhibition, International Masters Workshop, "Looking for Emerald" International Animation Summer Camp and other activities. The Emerald International Contest will solicit the works of children who are created by the global artist, which fully embodies the ideals and hopes of the international artists' care for the next generation. At the same time, in the activities will be reflected in the hands of small hands, so that children who come to participate in activities and international animation master face to face communication and exchange. They through the forum, exhibitions, master workshops and other activities feel the charm of art, access to the master's guidance, to participate in artistic creation. This series of activities held in Libo scenic area, will greatly enhance the cultural content of scenic spots, to create scenic cultural brand. The event embodies the "global tourism" concept of Libo, the international animation culture to create the artistic atmosphere of the scenic area, through a series of activities of the International Children's Day to carry out parent-child cultural depth of travel, international animation summer camp, master workshop and other projects, Wave not only become an international tourist destination, but also become the exchange of international animation culture.