Introduction to Fortunate Mountain Cultural & Art Center



Fortunate Mountain Cultural & Art Center is located in Qingyan Healthy Town of China in Huaxi, Guiyang, China. The center consists of six exhibition halls with a total area of approximately 1300 square meters.


The Fortunate Mountain Cultural & Art Center is established and chaired by Mr. Wang Liuyi, a cultural scholar and expert in cultural exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries.


Mr. Wang has successively served as the Secretary General of the International Multimedia Culture Association, the Asia Pacific Cartoon  Association, the Executive Vice Chairman of the China Copyright Association, and the President of the Guizhou Economic and Cultural Promotion Association. He has rich experience in hosting international Cartoon exhibitions, international ethnic and folk craft exhibitions. He has organized many cultural exchange activities between China and foreign countries for three decades.



The six exhibition halls of the Fortunate Mountain Cultural & Art Center are divided as follows:


The First and Second exhibition halls are entitled "Fortunate Mountain Art Space" gallery. International Cartoon Exhibition, individual and group exhibitions on various traditional Chinese paintings, Chinese and foreign oil paintings, ethnic folk art, photography exhibitions would be held regularly and irregularly in these two halls.



The first themed exhibition held by the Art Space is "The Beauty of the Orient : Cultural Relics and Art Exhibition on the Silk Road". The items in this exhibition are collected from countries and regions along the land and sea Silk Road, including China, India, Iran, South Korea, Russia, Turkey , etc. Hundreds of exquisite folk crafts, including ceramics, silk products, fine paintings, fabric, embroidery, pottery, wood carving, bamboo crafts, bronze ware, Batik and lacquer ware, gold and silver ware , Persian carpets, Russian Rostov enamel etc., All of these items reflect the artists' superb skills and valuable craftsmanship spirit.



The Third exhibition hall is the "Liuyi International Doll Museum". This museum is the first in China to show dolls from all over the wold. More than one thousand handmade dolls created by renowned craftsmen are collected by Mr. Liuyi Wang from 67 countries and regions such as Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Russia, Spain, India, South Korea, etc.,  They are now miraculously presented in Huayi, Guiyang, China.


International Doll Museum, with its unique artistic appreciation,would serve as a permanent theme exhibition at the art center.




The Fourth Exhibition Hall is  Chinese Traditional Culture and Art Experience Museum Including three major exhibition groups on ancient Chinese furniture, traditional wine jars, and Chinese herbal pottery jars as well as the Chinese traditional Chinese wooden crafts items .


Various cultural and artistic forums, master workshops, and other activities would be held in this hall.




The Fifth Exhibition Hall is "Guizhou Study" which represents art albums, publications, and historical documents from Guizhou, China and other countries. This showcase creates humanistic space with a scholarly and historical cultural atmosphere.


The Sixth Exhibition Hall is gift and souvenir store which display and sell picture albums, post card,books as well as cultural and creative products.




Fortunate Mountain Cultural and Art Center possesses more than 5000 Chinese and foreign Cartoon, cultural relics, artworks, folk handicrafts, all of them have been collected by Mr. Wang Liuyi and Mr. Su Jianhua at home and abroad for more than 30 years.

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